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Cigarettes have been bashed in the media for many years as a main cause of lung cancer and other health problems. This has led to the evolution of E-cigarettes. They are designed to give the same results as real cigarettes; without the toxic smoke that is believed to cause lung cancer and disease. Due to this and other changes, E-cigs are becoming more and more popular among smokers looking for a way to quit or a healthier way of smoking.

These E-cigs are designed to imitate a real cigarette, giving smokers more or less nicotine based on preference. E-cigs are not medically endorsed in the UK and are also not regulated as a tobacco product. All the same, this does not affect the production or marketing of the product.

Unlike real cigarettes an E-cig is made up of four main components. These are Cartomizer, Cartridge, Atomizer and Liquid.

Many Cartomizers are disposable and describes the basic combination of cartridge and atomizer.


The cartridge is the mouthpiece and this part is usually made from metal, glass or plastic.

Atomizer is simply the heating element that vaporises the liquid creating the smoky effect.

The Electronic-liquid also known as e-juice can be purchased either in a bottle or in a disposable cartridge. The liquid which is usually a solution of vegetable glycerin or polyethylene glycol is usually mixed with other concentrated flavours (creating a wide variety of flavours to choose from) along with a percentage of nicotine concentrate.


A full disposable or reusable kit can be purchased from many retailers such as;

ROK Electronic Cigarettes; Personal Vapour; Smoke Relief; SMOKO; Intellicig; E-lites and Genesis Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Club to name a few. You can grab a bargain and get as much as 80% off on a variety of starter packs or even better a free trial pack.

The disposable packs consist of a cartridge, atomizer and battery. These are provided all in one piece and is discarded when the cartridge is complete.

The reusable kits contains a selection of Cartomizers, batteries and a USB Charger. They are available in a creative blend of concentrated flavours such as vanilla, apple, cherry, cool menthol, strawberry, peach, grape, cappuccino or the plain original tobacco flavour.

Many choose the e-cigs for a range of reasons however the main reason remains that it’s a healthier form of smoking, or at least for now.